Twitter was down for an hour

Twitter was down during a White House’s social media summit. Twitter’s stocks lost 1%, too.

Twitter was down in several parts of the world, according to users reported to the Down Detector site, which records the problems that different Internet services have.

Twitter’s platform presented problems worldwide, including in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru, where users reported failures on the afternoon of Thursday, July 11.

In a lapse of approximately one hour, Twitter users could not access the social network. Upon entering, an error message was displayed on the microblogging platform, indicating that there was a technical problem.

Twitter’s stocks sink

During the service collapse, the shares of Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) touched their lowest point of all the day, recovering slightly before closing but without reaching their value the previous day. The shares of Twitter have lost value since yesterday, a fact that contrasts with the rise of the Nasdaq index that closed with a gain of 0.75% the previous day.

Investors expect the company’s stock to strengthen after announcing earnings for the quarter on July 26, 2019, where analysts calculate that the social network will post earnings of $ 0.18 per share, which means a 5.88% increase in the last year, while revenues are estimated to grow 16.6% in the period of the previous year.

twitter stocks

Twitter slumps during White House Summit

The downfall of Twitter coincided with a summit on social media held at the White House, to which no Twitter representative was invited, according to CNBC. At the meeting, Trump said that social media had “a terrible bias” against their followers, criticizing the policies of Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Opponents of Donald Trump criticized this meeting and pointed out that it was a campaign event. The Democratic Senator Mark Warner said that “The fact that some of the most extreme voices on social media are coming to the White House, and they get a forum to complain about how often they’re retweeted, and that the actual platform companies aren’t even invited, smacks of the absurd.”

The downfall was taken with humor

When the service of the social media was restored, the company joked from its official account about the technical problems, publishing a tweet that said: “miss us?”. The company has not mentioned what caused the problem and said it is investigating the situation.

The users of the social network also commented on the fact and published jokes about what they did when the service was not available.

Other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram also presented problems in previous days.

By Juan Paulo Pérez-Tejada

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