LatAm videogame companies in Indie Games Accelerator 2019

Videogames games studios from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico and Colombia will be in Google’s accelerator program.

Thirteen Latin American videogame companies will participate in the Google Indie Games Accelerator 2019 program.

These companies were selected among 1700 applicants from 37 different countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

The Indie Games Accelerator is a program for the best videogame startups in emerging markets looking to grow in Android. This program is a special edition of Launchpad Accelerator. The curriculum and tutorials of the program have been designed with Google Play and involved experts in mobile videogames.

In Latin America, the videogame industry has had a rapid expansion in recent years, with an annual growth of 16.1% that expects to reach a value of 10.23 billion dollars, according to estimates of Research On Global Markets. Latin America is the region where the videogame industry grows fastest.

Of the 30 developers selected for the Indie Games Accelerator, 13 are Latin American. Participants will meet at the Google Asia Pacific offices, located in Singapore.

These are the selected Latin American companies

1 Simple Game

With offices in Zapopan, Jalisco, 1 Simple Game was created with the premise of entertaining the world, developing incredible and fun experiences for players.

The company builds a sustainable business that can benefit the community. With video games, they have the opportunity to combine art, technology, programming, narrative, marketing, and sound design.

The company seeks to build a healthy ecosystem for a global audience, which serves as a benchmark for how Mexico and Latin America can compete in the international market.

Mucho Taco, by 1 Simple Game

Avix Games

In Avix Games, they enjoy creating games with characters, stories, and original mechanics, which can be distributed anywhere in the world. New technologies feed their curiosity and motivate them to explore new ways of playing.

Avix Games also offers outsourcing services for companies that need to develop video games. They solve the process of ideation, production, and development of videogames, combining design, marketing, and artistic approaches. In addition to developing videogames for web, mobile, PC, and RV, they develop facilities with less conventional technology and devices.

Making games is our favorite game.

Avix Games


Blyts is an independent entertainment company founded in 2008. They have worked in different technological areas, from web programming, mobile app development, and technical support. The specialty of Blyts is mobile video games.

The startup is considered a young team that is always on the move and does not mind trying to develop new technologies and styles that offer quality.

Nobodies, by Blyst

Mad Bricks

Mad Bricks is a video game company located in Bogoto, Colombia. They have developed intellectual property to generate a fast production value line. The development process seeks to achieve maximum efficiency and test both technical and creative skills.

Monomyto Studios

Monomyto is a company that develops video games for mobile platforms. His offices are in Campo Grande, Brazil. The Monomyto team was formed by three marketing professionals in Brazil who sought to take advantage of their experience to create high-quality, independent games that could entertain the whole world.

Monomyto has been successful and has received recognition from many websites and organizations around the world, including a prize for independent game developers in Seattle: the Indie Prize 2017. Monomyto is the first Brazilian company to receive this recognition.

Until Dead by Monomyto

Mum Not Proud

Mum Not Proud is a video game company based in Yucatan, Mexico. Baikoh is her first game, which consists of selecting letters that fall randomly on the screen to form words advancing in increasingly difficult levels. The founders of Mum Not Proud launched the company in 2016 and have received awards for business innovation.

Orube Games studio

Orube Games is an independent video game studio that focuses on the development of video games for different platforms. The company is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Adventure LLama by Orube Games

Pixodust Games

From Sao Paulo, Brazil, Pixodust creates and distributes video games for casual and mid-core players. The startup seeks to improve its games continuously.

Pomelo Games

Pomelo Games is an independent videogame studio that started with a group of friends from Montevideo. They focus on creating games that are unique in the visual aspect.

Mars: mars by Pomelo Games
Mars: mars by Pomelo Games

Posibillian Tech

Posibillian Tech is in Asunción, Paraguay. This study seeks to provoke unique social experiences through technology and redefining entertainment. The most popular game of the company, Fhacktions, is a videogame based on geolocation where players participate in battles in real time.

Fhacktions by Posibillian Tech
Fhacktions by Posibillian Tech

Sandstorm Interactive

Founded in 2014, Sandstorm Interactive was born under the idea that independent companies also need to develop high-quality external services, despite the limited budget. With the expansion of mobile platforms in the world, everyone needs access to a world-class development.

The Sandstorm team in Buenos Aires gives that possibility to independent developers, with services focused on iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation. The company is a leader in the development of video games in Argentina for Sony, with the necessary equipment to create video games for PSVita, PS4, and PS3.

Webcore Games

Webcore Games is a division of Webcore, an agency that has been operating since 1999. The startup develops exclusive games for brands or products, addressing the needs of its customers. The studio has experience working with agencies and companies of all kinds.

Widow Games

Widow Games develop video games based on classic board games with known dynamics. In this way, they solve the problem of “discovery”. As users are often familiar with these games, user acquisition is lower, and retention and organic growth are increased.

The studio obtains exclusive deals with companies in Latam to develop the best versions of these games with mechanics that have been played for generations and people know.

Widow Games

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