Digital & Open Banking: a week for banking innovation

Among the stars of the week are renowned entrepreneurs such as the futurist and CEO of Moven, Brett King, or Adolfo Babatz, CEO of Payclip.

The Digital & Open Banking Training Week is about to begin in Mexico City. From April 2 to April 5, the most critical players in the Fintech sector in Latin America will meet at the JW Marriot Santa Fe Hotel. Riskmathics, a leading institute for upgrading and high-level financial training, organizes the event.

This seminar will consist of different conferences and workshops with a practical focus. The Digital & Open Banking Training Week workshops will allow participants to review and discuss specific cases of financial sector institutions that have added value to banking services with the adoption of new technologies.

Old acquaintances and disruptive players of Digital Banking

The exponents of Digital & Open Banking Training Week are old salt that had crossed the seas of digital financial services before there was a regulatory framework in Mexico.

Among the stars of the week are renowned entrepreneurs such as the futurist and CEO of Moven, Brett King, or Adolfo Babatz, CEO of Payclip. Brett King has gained notoriety in financial services, not only for its Bank 2.0 or Augmented books but also for the success of the mobile banking service, Moven. For its part, Babatz transformed the collection of small businesses by making payments with bank cards more accessible with a device that converts any cell phone into a terminal.

The event will also include directors of banking and financial services such as Carlos Orta, functional leader of Deloitte Mexico; Bernardo González, FinTech Consultant of the World Bank, and José Antonio Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer of Grupo Financiero Banorte. The workshops and conferences will address issues such as the regulation of digital banking, fraud prevention, entrepreneurship and new methods of payment.

On this last topic, the presence of Miguel Díaz Díaz, Director of Payment Systems at the Bank of Mexico, who will discuss payments through electronic transfers developed at his institution stands out.

The Crowdfunding workshop attracts attention by its exhibitors, Amanda Sotto Fontes, and Fernanda de Velasco. The first is Legal Director of Playbusiness, while Fernanda de Velasco serves as CFO of the same company. Playbusiness has been a pioneering startup in Fintech after developing a Crowdequity platform that served as a model for the regulatory framework of the sector in Mexico.

The program of the event can be reviewed from the Riskmathics’ page, as well as all the information for registration.

Futurist Brett King will be one of the talkers

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