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Mexico’s battles for tech independence

Achieving technological independence is still a struggle in Mexico. The industrialization of the country came late and when it did, it was only as an importer of technology rather than developing it.

China-US Trade War : The battle against Tik Tok

Microsoft announced that social media company TikTok rejected its purchase proposal. Instead, Oracle could be its partner in this deal.

How to create tests in Ruby on Rails? (Part 1)

Do you want to do TDD in Ruby on Rails? Learn to test is the first step.

What kind of monitor is best for working at home?

If you’re working at home, take care of your eyes and check some options to upgrade your monitor.

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Microsoft and the government of Panama signed an alliance

Microsoft and the government of Panama signed an alliance to improve education, connectivity, cybersecurity and eGovernment.

A Multilingual Mask for a Global Pandemic

This invention consists of a standard white plastic mask, which has a Bluetooth connection to synchronize it with a smartphone or tablet.

Tech companies are not so cool as some years ago

Tech companies are facing a new era of restriction for their business.

Mexican Fintech got founded by the crowd in a few hours

In a few hours, the Mexican fintech Doopla.mx opted for collective financing through the crowdequity platform known as Play Business. The crowdlending startup had as a goal to get 5 million pesos. However, in a few hours it had already achieved twice what it needed to be funded, running out of open quotas for investors. […]

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Learn about algorithms with these videos

“Algorithm” is a word of Arabic origin widely used in both mathematics and computer science.

Mexicans inventions against COVID-19

Know these Mexican invents to combat COVID-19.

Developers are petting robots

The developers have explored some of the possibilities that robotic dogs give them.

Can technology improve the lives of citizens with smart cities?

Since 2012, the Fundación País Digital has been working on Smart Cities issues. This year, it obtained the second triennium of the Santiago Smart City Program, together with Corfo, seeking to consolidate the development of initiatives in Smart Cities and position Santiago as a smart city. Technologies have turned out to be one of the […]