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Mexican developers created a robot to diagnose COVID-19

The coronavirus make that science fiction world in which humans and humanoid robots naturally share and interact a reality.

Facebook is sponsoring an on-line hackathon

On June 24, Facebook will host an online hackathon for developers. Will you participate?

Hey, developers! Android 11 is updating news

Dave Burke recently announced plans for the launch of Android 11.

Streaming services are making a killing

Some win, others lose. The global economy continues to contract due to the social distancing measures requested by health experts. Many companies that depend on the public report losses and there is a historic increase in unemployment. But as the saying goes: there’s good fishing in troubled waters. Technology-based industries have known how to survive […]

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Semantic UI or Bootstrap? Discover the pros and cons of each framework

Bootstrap is the most popular framework for CSS, but Semantic UI is gaining popularity thanks to its simplicity. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Google organizes a digital event for game developers

Due to the coronavirus, the Game Developers Conference was postponed, but Google will present its news at a digital event.

IT Industries are getting sick

COVID-19 has affected IT Industry. Events had been cancelled and the Production Chain has been disrupted.

CSS Layouts: Know why Flexbox and Grid are getting popular

Creating CSS Layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grids is super easy. However, the learning curve could be the first blocker.

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Developers already can play with Google Glass

Google Glass is already available for developers, according to Jay Kothari, Project Lead in Glass.

Uber vs. Colombia: in defense of the ridesharing market

In a press release, the company announced in the first hour of February 1; it would stop operating in the country in compliance with the ruling of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

01 Edu System, Nicolas Sadirac’s new computer school

Founded by Nicolas Sadirac last year, 01 expands the methods of his previous experiences and creates an entire educational system around them.

Unicorns made in Brazil

Fabricio Bloisi, Founder and CEO of Movile, talked about how Brazil’s startup ecosystem has grown in recent years.